A year ago today I found out that my Grandad had died. There are so many uncertainties in life, but he was never one of them. All through my life he always lived in the same house. He made us tapes, told us stories, he wrote me letters – even when teenage cool stopped me…

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Martha Payne may only be 9-years-old, but she is already a world-renowned food blogger. In a preamble to his fascinating TEDTalk about what governments can learn from open-source programming, Clay Shirky told Payne’s inspirational story. In April of 2012, Scottish schoolgirl Payne started the blog, which documents her school…

Mental Toughness

Sporting Edge

I attended an excellent class today about mental toughness. The presenters used their experience and research with sportsmen and women to demonstrate how we can use certain skills to help us achieve our goals. I was left wondering though, do these skills work for athletes because they and their whole team are all pulling in the same direction? Can they really work in an organisation like mine where by it’s very nature there are always conflicting goals and agendas?

Image Is Everything!

Martha Graham said “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” I think she’s right, so why is it then that I’ve spent so long settling on the look of my blog? I mean, who’s really going to read my little musings anyway? Possibly no-one except Patrick Latter (in an…

Watch the birdy!

You know what it’s like; you’ve had a busy day, you’re in a flap because someone’s ruffled your feathers and all you want is to listen to some cool jazz and enjoy a relaxing bath. Well that’s exactly how our local pigeons must have been feeling, and Peterborough City Council obliged last week with what…

Electric Pedals

I love going to the cinema and I’m just as happy curled up on the sofa with a DVD, but last night my film appreciation reached a whole new level when I had to pedal for my fix! I went with my husband and some friends to an open air cinema event where the projector,…

Forth Railway Bridge

Firth of Forth Railway Bridge

Sometimes change happens whether we like it or not, this is a photo that will always remind me of that.

Maybe a strange way to start a blog, but