Electric Pedals

I love going to the cinema and I’m just as happy curled up on the sofa with a DVD, but last night my film appreciation reached a whole new level when I had to pedal for my fix!


I went with my husband and some friends to an open air cinema event where the projector, sound system and DVD player were all powered by a bunch of cyclists on bikes. Each bike had its own dynamo to feed power to the performance, proper audience participation!


The event was organised by our local council as part of Travelchoice Week which aims to raise awareness of sustainable travel in Peterborough.

The free open air cinema had such a relaxed feel, here are some of the things I learned without meaning to:

1) Toy Story is still one of my top ten films of all time

2) If I had to pedal power my tv, I wouldn’t switch it on half as often

3) I might think I’m fairly aware of my energy consumption – I turn off lights, PC monitors, phone charges etc. when I’m not using them – but really, I don’t have a clue

In an age where it’s fashionable to be environmental but it’a hard to measure the effects of what we do, this was a very simple lesson gently delivered. We don’t do enough or think enough about the energy we consume.

A pleasant side effect, or maybe they intend it, is you end up whispering to the person on the bike next to you, the effort seeming to encourage camaraderie as you feel the burn.

According to their website, Electric Pedals who ran the event, are artists, physicists, educationalists and environmentalists. I think they’re genius-ts.


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