Image Is Everything!

Martha Graham said “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” I think she’s right, so why is it then that I’ve spent so long settling on the look of my blog? I mean, who’s really going to read my little musings anyway? Possibly no-one except Patrick Latter (in an Oscar speech stylee… ‘thank you, thank you, I was so excited to find out that a person I may never meet had read my waffle about Electric Pedals and liked it! You were the first and I’ll never forget your kind encouragement).

I’ve wanted to do this for ages but I was scared to find my voice, and since this is my face on the world, surely how it looks will influence what the world makes of me? I don’t want it to be something that only my friends read – they have to put up with enough of my gibberish already – I want it to be somewhere to share ideas, my adventures, my foraging and cooking experiences, where other people I might never know might find something useful to them, or just zone out for a while.

As with people, looks don’t guarantee substance but all of a sudden something so simple seemed so complicated. When someone reads my insightful, inspiring prose I want them to hear my voice, à la Darcy in his letter to Elizabeth, not to skip over the prose entirely because my blog doesn’t look appealing. So I developed a mild obsession this evening about how this thing looked and have spent far too much time trying to get it right. What colour? What font? Not too girlie, not too flouncy, I ‘live previewed’ far too many themes, but then I found this one. It turns out I’m orange with green accents. I’m colourful but understated, cheerful and happy but with small amounts of grey to add some gravitas. And now that I know what I look like, I can waffle to my hearts’ content and I really will try not to care what you think of me!


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  1. Blog looks great now bring on the waffles! Oh…you meant ‘waffle’ as in talk aimlessly, I guess that’s fine too (but please bring on the waffles).

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