Watch the birdy!

You know what it’s like; you’ve had a busy day, you’re in a flap because someone’s ruffled your feathers and all you want is to listen to some cool jazz and enjoy a relaxing bath. Well that’s exactly how our local pigeons must have been feeling, and Peterborough City Council obliged last week with what was possibly the most expensive bird bath ever!


and a good soak!

Joking aside, these fountains were switched on recently enough to still be considered ‘new’ (June 2010 I think). According to articles I’ve read they cost around £100 per day to run, let alone how much they cost to install, so I have to admit I was sceptical about them when they were switched on. But then I saw the light, well, lights actually. The fountains are lit up by pink, green and blue lights and at night they’re so pretty! They make the centre of Peterborough look modern and cosmopolitan and on top of all that, families with small children love them, so do teenagers, basically, as far as I can tell, all ages love them  – how often does that happen?

It seemed like the council had managed the impossible, a few water jets and coloured lights in the floor had rejuvenated the city centre and brought people into town, surely that must be good for trade and the prosperity of the city? People congregated around the fountains and the sound of laughter and happy children rang through the air, but not any more.

Apparently the fountains weren’t designed to be played in and the locals have dirtied the fountains so much by doing so that they had to be closed for emergency cleaning and to have a water filter installed. When they are re-opened (the bird bath was actually a by product of some testing the engineers were doing I think) there is talk of employing a warden to hand out on the spot fines for people who let their children play. I for one am left hugely disappointed and wondering if it isn’t all council tax money down the drain after all.