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Martha Payne may only be 9-years-old, but she is already a world-renowned food blogger. In a preamble to his fascinating TEDTalk about what governments can learn from open-source programming, Clay Shirky told Payne‚Äôs inspirational story. In April of 2012, Scottish schoolgirl Payne started the blog NeverSeconds.blogspot.co.uk, which documents her school…

Mental Toughness

Sporting Edge

I attended an excellent class today about mental toughness. The presenters used their experience and research with sportsmen and women to demonstrate how we can use certain skills to help us achieve our goals. I was left wondering though, do these skills work for athletes because they and their whole team are all pulling in the same direction? Can they really work in an organisation like mine where by it’s very nature there are always conflicting goals and agendas?

Forth Railway Bridge

Firth of Forth Railway Bridge

Sometimes change happens whether we like it or not, this is a photo that will always remind me of that.

Maybe a strange way to start a blog, but